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ICAR - National Institute Of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics
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NIVEDI - National Institute Of Veterinary Epidemiology And Disease Informatics, formerly known as Project Directorate of Animal Disease Monitoring and Surevillance (PD_ADMAS),has a long successful history of delivering predicted informatics and solutions for various animal diseases. The institue has been setup under the regulations of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), a Central Government organization under the Department of Research and Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, set up an All India Research Project on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance, (AICRP on ADMAS). aiming towards providing the country with comprehensive animal health information, prevalence of diseases in temporal and spatial relation and forecasting and forewarning of the animal diseases, to help in taking necessary control or preventive measures for the specific diseases affecting livestock and poultry during 1987.

The AICRP on ADMAS was later upgraded to Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (PD_ADMAS) on 1st April, 2000 (during 9th Plan) and AICRP on ADMAS continued to work with ten collaborating units in tandem. Later, realizing the impact of animal disease monitoring and surveillance on our entire livestock sector and to give a boost on this, the PD_ADMAS was upgraded during the 12th Plan as National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (NIVEDI) from October, 2013.

The institute carries out research on the following aspects of livestock health, including:

* Research and development on livestock diseases informatics.
* Understanding specific disease process for rational development of diagnostics and strategic control technologies for livestock diseases including zoonosis.
* Biodiversity of pathogenic microbes.
* Development of systems for forecasting and forewarning of economically important livestock diseases.
* Economics of livestock diseases and health care measures.
* Sero-monitoring of important livestock diseases based on sample frame.
* Investigation of endemic, emerging and re-emerging livestock diseases outbreaks in respective area using innovative technologies.
* Participation / strengthening of national livestock serum bank.
* Participation in strengthening of microbial pathogen repository of PD_ADMAS.
* Utilization of forecasting models through NADRES for forecasting and forewarning of livestock diseases
* Collaborative study on economic losses due to livestock disease and their control measures.
* To identify and carry out the epidemiological surveillance of diseases/pathogens of lab animals and wildlife